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Call for Internships at the BCSD Australia

Expressions of interest are open from students seeking a placement or internship for course accreditation.

​BCSDA internships are unpaid voluntary positions. They are often filled by undergraduate or postgraduate students and usually have a specific focus to complete a particular task or project.

The period of a BCSDA internship is not greater than 12 weeks. 

Period: Q3, 2022

Period: Q4, 2022

Period: Q1, 2023

Roles and Responsibilities

You will:

  • be assigned to 1 Program and its BCSD Australia WorkGroup;

  • with guidance from BCSD Australia staff and Members, produce business practical research, insights and contribute to the development of resources that will enable the execution of the key projects run within each Program;

  • interact with BCSD Australia Members and personnel from WBCSD and other Knowledge and Collaboration Partners.

  • be trained and then involved in our Reporting Matters Project; and

  • be supervised by at least 1 mentor during your Internship.

In addition to ongoing projects, we are also preparing for these projects which you can be involved:


  • Circular Economy

    • Plastics Pollution Treaty - Research, Submission, Content preparation

    • Factor 10 (Metrics, Bioeconomy) - Research, Content preparation

  • Cities & Mobility

    • Digitalization & Data in Urban Mobility, Mobility Decarbonization

  • Energy & Climate

    • Australian Government Climate Bill (Sep - Dec 2022) - Research, Submission, Member Engagement

    • Emissions Reduction Fund / Safeguard Mechanism

      • Research

      • Submission

      • Report / Event content preparation

    • COP27 - 7 - 18 November

      • Research

      • Report Event content preparation

    • Better Futures Australia (5 - 6 September)

      • Report / Event content preparation

  • Nature

    • COP15 - 5 - 16 December

      • Research

      • Report Event content preparation

    • ​​​​​​​Taskforce on Nature related Financial Disclosure - Research, Beta Version Testing

    • Nature Positive - Training content preparation

  • Redefining Value

    • EPBCA Review / Consultation

      • Research

      • Report / Event content preparation

Minimum Requirements

You need to be at least an undergraduate in your penultimate year with a sustainability related discipline (e.g. environmental engineering) or have completed some part of sustainability related topics (e.g. environmental economics, environmental law) in your current degree.

About Us

At BCSD Australia Members, Staff and interns work together to help deliver awareness, action and advocacy on the sustainability agenda around key societal and environmental issues for the benefit of our members and the broader Australian community. 

Across 2021 we welcomed and supported 21 unpaid interns through our internship program to engage and participate in our Member-driven work.

Our hours are flexible and can be negotiated to ensure a convenient arrangement. 

At BCSDA you will gain knowledge and experience in the role of business and sustainability and we hope that you will gain both personal and employment skills satisfaction. You will also be offered mentoring from the BCSDA staff.

The BCSDA office is an equal opportunity employer; we know that strength comes with diversity and welcome applicants from all backgrounds. We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as well as and people of any ability, age, race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation to apply.

Come Intern With Us

If you are interested in being considered for an internship at BCSDA, complete and send the details below and email us your academic record and an example of your written work to with the subject line 'BCSDA Internship: Written Work’.

Thanks for submitting!

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