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Cities & Mobility

Every Australian city has its own sustainable challenges and priorities. Key stakeholders need to be involved in the definition of each city's sustainable roadmap.

The role of the private sector is critical for providing expertise, strategic approach and financial capacity to deliver tailored sustainable solutions at local levels for a global outreach. Our Cities & Mobility program offers a convening space for cities, businesses and citizens to engage with each other, build a common vision and develop suitable innovative solutions.

Our Transforming Mobility Program brings together leading companies and organisations across Australia’s extended mobility value chain to lead the system transformation of mobility.

With an aim to accelerate the transition towards clean, safe and efficient mobility for all, BCSD Australia’s member companies and organisations are already building on emerging mobility thrusts (digitalisation, vehicle electrification, energy generation from renewable sources, shared mobility and vehicle automation) to achieve four sustainable mobility goals worldwide: universal access, clean, safety, efficiency.

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Transporting the future.jpg
Report: Transporting the Future - A business perspective on future mobility

A report from the BCSD Australia Mobility work group analysed Sydney’s mobility system’s sustainable performance against business expectations, future mobility trends and requirements to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The results highlighted current challenges, and extensive opportunities that private and public sector collaboration could release to transition Sydney to a sustainable future.

Read the Transporting the Future report

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