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BCSD Australia at #COP24 in Poland

From 3-4 December 2018, BCSD Australia will be representing the voice of sustainable Australian businesses at the UNFCCC #COP24 climate conference at Katowice, Poland.

From the start, we have been actively engaged in the process to bring the voice of business into global climate negotiations. Why should business be engaged? This year's COP is a practical opportunity for countries to determine the rules of implementation for the Paris Agreement and ramp up their climate commitments.

"We the peoples of the United Nations...” so began the UNFCCC People’s Ambassador, Sir David Attenborough, representing the voice of the planet’s people at the opening ceremony of #COP24. And those peoples are at #COP24 to write the next chapter for a #JustTransition, which is the theme framing the negotiations and was at the forefront of numerous official and side events on the first day. The theme suggests the negotiations are now less about the ‘why’, and more about the 'how'. How? First step, as Sir David suggested "Leaders of our world: You must lead."

Follow our updates live and direct from #COP24 on our Twitter feed and on our LinkedIn page.


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