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BCSD Australia Makes Submission on Australia’s Guarantee of Origin Scheme

BCSD Australia has made a submission to the Australian Government on the design of Australia’s Guarantee of Origin certificate scheme.

The scheme, which would be voluntary, would track and verify attributes including greenhouse gas emissions for products across the supply chain. Its establishment is proposed under new legislation administered by the Clean Energy Regulator.

Drawing on the business insights and recommendations of WBCSD and its members during its consultation with the European Union, and in an effort to drive harmonization and least cost, BCSD Australia noted that effective implementation of the scheme will be crucial in accelerating Australia’s decarbonisation efforts, while reliable information on the origin of energy would ensure two critical things:

· Create trust in end-consumers which is at the heart of GO schemes

· Help direct investments towards greener technologies like hydrogen and electricity generated through renewable sources

The successful implementation of the scheme could also ensure Australia’s global leadership in green energy and efforts towards global sustainability commitments, particularly towards UN SDGs 7, 12 and 13.

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