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Business Climate Leadership from countries around the world

Businesses from around the world are stepping up their climate ambition and translating this to concrete action. More than 770 companies signed an Open Letter to G20 Leaders, while others are advocating for ambitious national policies in other ways. National government policy has a significant influence on the ability for business leaders to take action and to create a level playing field for others to follow. In this event, business leaders from different countries – Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa – share their leadership story and the role that international agreements and national policies have played, and look ahead to 2030 on what business needs from government to succeed in their climate ambition. Speakers Neal Barclay, Chief Executive Officer, Meridian Energy Ltd and Member, Climate Leaders Coalition Steering Group Mike Burrell, Executive Director, Sustainable Business Council New Zealand Kahori Miyake, Chief Sustainability Officer, AEON Co.,Ltd. and Co-Chair, Japan Climate Leaders' Partnership (JCLP) Simon Ng, Director of Policy & Research, Business Environment Council Hong Kong Mary Stewart, CEO, Energetics Moderated by Gillian Nelson, Deputy Director, Policy, We Mean Business Coalition.

Venue COP26 Business Pavilion for Climate Leadership: Side Event


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