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Global Recycling Day

As we recognize today, 18th March 2023, as Global Recycling Day, there is an urgent need for a "Paris Agreement" for recycling Earth's resources.

Our planet's resources are finite, and our current consumption patterns are unsustainable. Business leaders play a vital role in driving the necessary change for a greener, more prosperous future for all.

A recent report by WBCSD and BCG highlights ( the importance of increasing recycling rates for eight materials causing significant waste and environmental impact.

As business leaders, we must advocate for and adopt guidelines for conserving materials and resources. Achieving 80-90% recycling of all consumed resources by 2040 requires an additional recycling rate of 55%.

On Global Recycling Day, let's celebrate #RecyclingHeroes and recognise recycling's crucial role in the circular economy, protecting our natural resources, and reducing CO2 emissions. It is our collective responsibility to collaborate and create a unified approach to recycling, emphasising its importance as a global issue.

Businesses must invest in technology, innovation, and infrastructure for design, collection, sorting, and recycling. By integrating sustainability into our corporate strategies and fostering a culture of "resource, not waste," we can make a lasting impact on our planet.


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