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Reflections from new BCSDA Board Director Bahador Tari

Energetics has had a long relationship with BCSDA – well over a decade – and now I am delighted to be Energetics’ newest representative on the BCSDA board.

I lead Energetics’ strategic climate risk and net zero transition advisory services and have a particular interest and expertise in carbon markets and the realisation of Australia’s clean hydrogen potential.

For Australia, the work of the BCSDA to drive sustainability across our business community has never been more important. We are facing headwinds to the achievement of our renewable energy and national emissions reduction targets, while at the same time, across every corner of the country, we are acutely aware of the changing natural environment as the physical impacts of climate change are felt.

Too many climate records are tumbling, and we must move with urgency to both drive emissions reductions and adapt and build resilience across communities and within businesses.

The BCSDA has long understood the power of collaboration and the value that can be created from the sharing of insights from across corporate Australia. Work too, that is made more powerful for the connection back to WBCSD.

Together with my colleagues at Energetics, we look forward to opportunities to collaborate that in turn lead to solutions that can accelerate Australia’s decarbonisation, the building of resilience in the face of growing climate impacts, and the recognition of opportunities as the business environment shifts and new products and services emerge.

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