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Reflections from new BCSDA Board Director Sue Brown

I’m pleased to have joined the BCSDA Board. I believe the BCSDA plays an important role informing Australian businesses of emerging sustainability issues, advocating for meaningful policy positions on behalf of business, and facilitating the sharing of information and knowledge across the Australian business community.

As a lover of the natural environment, I think the way humans live today and the way we’ve done business demonstrably has had negative impacts on the planet. Finding the balance between the economic, social, and environmental aspects of business activity is the challenge of our time.

Worley is a global professional services company of energy, chemicals, and resources experts. We know that the biggest positive impact we can have on reducing the impact of climate change is by helping our customers shift their operations towards a low carbon future while meeting the world’s demand for their products. As a member of Worley’s Group Executive, I am accountable for our sustainability strategy and targets, and for helping our stakeholders understand the fast-evolving sustainability landscape and the impacts and opportunities we have to fulfill our purpose of delivering a more sustainable world.

The pace and scale of what we must achieve as a global community between now and 2050 to limit global warming is unprecedented – and should be reflected in business strategies. As a sustainability leader in a business solving many of the complex challenges of the energy transition, I am inspired to do what I can to support the BCSDA to make that difference.

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