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BCSD Australia announces daily COP26 news program to share progress on climate negotiations

The Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) Australia will host a daily online news program during the UN Glasgow climate conference, providing insights into negotiations as world leaders work towards agreement on taking serious action on climate change, as well as business announcements on the Race to Zero.

G’day Glasgow: The BCSD Australia COP26 Daily News Program will be hosted by BCSD Australia CEO Andrew Petersen and include special guests live from COP26 in Glasgow.

Other business experts from around Australia will also join the program, which will not only take a broader view of the conference but also discuss specific sectors that are in focus - energy, industry, utilities, agriculture and transportation.

The 30 minute program will be held daily from 1 November until 12 November, except for 7 November, starting at 6:00 pm AEDT, and will help people better understand the issues, progress on negotiations for an agreement, as well as the outcomes.

“COP26 will be absolutely critical for the future of the planet as the parties seek to reach agreement on keeping average global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels,” said Petersen, who is also a veteran who has been a delegate for BCSD Australia at the UN climate negotiations since COP6 (1999). “G’day Glasgow will take people on a deeper dive of what’s happening on the ground in Glasgow while also looking at the challenges businesses in Australia face from the threat of climate change.”

Matthew Warnken, Managing Director of AgriProve, Australia’s leading soil carbon project developer, who will be sharing his observations from Glasgow throughout the COP, said "This BCSD Australia initiative really helps business understand the significance of these UN-led negotiations - which are not just climate talks but include the trade and finance implications, gender and youth issues, and carbon technical and legal aspects, just to name a few."

The online program is being delivered in partnership with Business for Nature, the Capitals Coalition, the Climate Disclosure Standards Board, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the We Mean Business Coalition.

“We hope that coming out of COP26 will be an even stronger commitment and drive by businesses to take a leadership role in implementing action plans needed to address the challenges of climate change,” said Mardi McBrien, Managing Director at the Climate Disclosure Standards Board.

Eva Zabey, Executive Director, Business for Nature: "COP26 is a milestone event with potentially long-lasting impacts for companies, economies and humanity. There is huge momentum around the role of nature to help tackle the impacts of climate change. Leading Australian businesses recognise their future success depends on the protection and restoration of nature and should contribute to shaping an ambitious outcome for nature, climate and people."

“As an international network partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development we’re proud to support the G’day Glasgow news program, which will give people a clearer understanding of the complex issues of climate change,” said WBCSD President & CEO Peter Bakker.

Registration for G’day Glasgow, which is free to anyone, can be made via this link.

You can follow updates on the program and guest speakers at the BCSD Australia LinkedIn page here.

Media contact

Leigh Murray, Spotlight Commmunications

About BCSD Australia

BSCD Australia is an Australian coalition of over 70 private and public organisations advocating for progress on sustainable development. Its mission is to be a catalyst for innovation and sustainable growth in a world where resources are increasingly limited. The Council provides a platform for companies to share experiences and best practices on sustainable development issues and advocate for their implementation, working with governments, non-governmental and intergovernmental organisations.

BCSD Australia’s members include leading Australian businesses, from all sectors, who share a commitment to economic, environmental and social development, public sector enterprises institutions, business and industry non-government organisations and community organisations, which in turn represent more than 100,000 Australian employees.

Supporting Organizations

· Business for Nature:

· Capitals Coalition:

· cdp:

· Climate Disclosure Standards Board:

· World Business Council for Sustainable Development:

For further information contact: Andrew Petersen, CEO, Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia, +61 412 545 994


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