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BCSD Australia calls for new interns from students passionate about sustainability

Sydney, Australia: The Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia is calling for expressions of interest from students seeking an internship to advance their knowledge and experience in the role of business and sustainability.

BCSD Australia interns are provided with a specific focus to complete a particular task or project as part of the organisation’s member-driven work, which can then be used towards course accreditation.

Students applying for an internship must be an undergraduate in their penultimate year with a sustainability related discipline such as environmental engineering, or have completed some part of sustainability related topics such as environmental economics or environmental law in their current degree.

“An internship at BCSD Australia is a wonderful opportunity for students who want to develop a greater understanding of the role that business plays in sustainability,” said Andrew Petersen, CEO of BCSD Australia. “Interns are integral in helping us to deliver awareness, action and advocacy on the sustainability agenda around key societal and environmental issues for the benefit of our members and the broader Australian community.”

Interns will be involved in one of several programs offered by BCSD Australia, including Circular Economy, Cities & Mobility, Energy & Climate or Food & Nature. They will produce, with guidance from BCSD Australia, business practical research, insights and contribute to the development of resources that will enable the execution of the key projects run within each Program.

The period of a BCSDA internship is not greater than 12 weeks.

BCSD Australia is an equal opportunity employer; we know that strength comes with diversity and welcome applicants from all backgrounds. We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as well as and people of any ability, age, race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation to apply.

You can apply for an internship here.

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