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BCSD Australia signs the Lisbon Declaration to pledge action to halt biodiversity loss

We have joined 23 other CEO-led business organisations, and Global Network partners of WBCSD, representing about 2,000 companies, in signing the Lisbon Declaration, a joint initiative to support business action and commitment at scale towards addressing the challenges biodiversity faces today.

A strong business voice is critical to drive the change needed at a global level. The business organisations which signed the declaration, including BCSD Australia, are committed to work with their member companies to set out concrete and time-bound actions that will produce a real impact in the preservation of biodiversity at a local level.

"There is an urgent need to transform our food and land-use stewardship agenda in Australia. Biodiversity is being lost at an unprecedented rate. Recognising the importance of protecting the natural capital that underpins our environmental and economic systems, BCSD Australia is proud to sign the Lisbon declaration," said Andrew Petersen, CEO of BCSD Australia.

"We are committed to working with our members, government and other organisations to achieve the goals set out in the Declaration.”


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