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CEO Insights: After the election, what future does Australia write for itself?

By Andrew Petersen

CEO | BCSD Australia

So what have Australians voted for? Maintain the status quo? Does it mean Australians chose to remain in a holding pattern or are holding the line because we're unsure about what future line to take?

The challenges remain. The BCSD Australia's SDGs and the Election platform (see below) highlights Australia's economic pie has well and truly stopped growing in real per capita terms. How does any government argue for economic redistribution when there’s no real growth? This is most easily seen in Queensland, where the pie is actually getting smaller. And the expansion of our structural deficit is still to be addressed.

But the opportunities are also clear. Again, the SDGs and the Election platform shows that collaborative business action and solutions can deliver investment, innovation and enterprise. So community and business in partnership on the ESG issues will shape a way forward.

BCSD Australia will continue what we have been doing since 1991, when the Hawke Government provided this organisation seed funding to begin its mission. 28 years later, we're still here, and there's more to be done. Will you join us?

All BCSD Australia members receive ongoing analysis of these and other topical sustainability issues through our weekly e-newsletter THE INSIDER.


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