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Greenwashing by businesses in Australia

We welcome the release of the ACCC's report on greenwashing, which highlights the need for greater transparency and accuracy in environmental and sustainability claims made by businesses.

The report identifies key issues such as the use of vague and unqualified claims, lack of substantiating information, absolute claims, comparisons, exaggerating benefits or omitting relevant information, aspirational claims without a clear plan, third-party certifications, and misleading images.

At BCSD Australia, we are committed to promoting sustainable business practices and helping our members achieve their sustainability goals. Therefore, we will be looking at how we can build the findings of this report into our existing transparency requirements for membership criteria.

We believe that businesses have a critical role to play in the transition to a net-zero economy, and sustainability claims can only help consumers make informed purchasing decisions if they are clear, accurate, and supported by evidence.

We will support our members to ensure that their sustainability claims are meaningful and not misleading. This includes encouraging businesses to provide detailed information about their products and operations, as well as ensuring that any third-party certifications used are relevant and meaningful.


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