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Green Rules: Driving Value in a Sustainable Economy

The AFR View today ( states "Green rules must not unbalance energy transition"

The argument of the piece is against the role of rules that drive value in an inclusive economy and seems to be based on the assumption that regulatory pressure on fossil fuels will make it harder to manage a balanced transition and could lead to significant gaps in supply as reliable renewable generation builds up. It also argues that so called green-tape regulations will make it harder to build a bridge to a new green economy and that demands to halt new fossil fuel projects will destabilize the already difficult global energy market.

Now while it is true that rules may put pressure on the fossil fuel industry, it is important to remember that these regulations play a crucial role in driving value in an inclusive economy. The transition towards clean energy is a global effort and Australia, as a major player in the resources supply chain, has a responsibility to contribute to this transition.

It is also crucial to remember that the fossil fuel industry is facing not just regulatory pressure, but also competition from other industries. The Biden administration's $400 billion subsidy to accelerate green technology and the growing demand for clean energy make it clear that the future of the energy sector lies in sustainability.

#sustainability#cleanenergy#future Investing in the green economy is not just good for the environment, but it also makes good business sense. Companies that are slow to adapt to the changing energy landscape risk losing out on potential profits and market share. The transition towards a green economy presents an opportunity for businesses to innovate, reduce costs, and create new revenue streams.

So, while 'green' rules may present challenges for the fossil fuel industry, it is important to recognize the role they play in driving value in a re-formed Australian economy. And society. By balancing regulatory pressure with investment in clean energy, we can create a sustainable and profitable future for businesses and the environment.


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